Research Review

Volume 1, Issue 3: Selected Papers from ICICTE 2006
ISSN 1715-9849




Information and communications technologies: From learning and education
to their use in practice

  George A. Papandreou   pdf



Are computer games an educational cul-de-sac?

  Joe Nutt abstract pdf

Authentic field experiences: The design of complex web-based tasks

  Gwyn Brickell and Jan Herrington abstract pdf

A Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show pedagogy: Tablet PC use in Humanities
and Communication student-centered classrooms

  Andreas Karatsolis and Kevin M. Hickey abstract pdf

Always on duty: The contradictory working conditions of online tutors

  Tor Söderström, Ethel Dahlgren, David Hamilton and Agneta Hult abstract pdf

The use of wikis and weblogs to support deep approaches to learning

  Norm Vaughan abstract pdf

Adult learner's perceptions of a new online managed learning environment:
A case study of the Trade Union Congress online delivery using Teknical in

  Steve Love and Brian Corrigan abstract pdf

Undergraduate students' sense of efficacy, satisfaction with and use of
information technology

  N.A. Hisham, A.M. Marzuki, K.M. Basha, M. Sahari, and A. Zubairi abstract pdf

Zeus: E-training teachers in rural areas through satellite

  Sofoklis Sotiriou, Costas Tsolakidis, Pavlos Koulouris,
Anna Touloumakou, Alina Konstantinidi, and Menelaos Sotiriou
abstract pdf

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