Research Review

Volume 1, Issue 1: Teaching and Learning Online
ISSN 1715-9849



Introduction to the Issue

  Wendy Burton html pdf



E-Learning for evaluation capacity development

  Seetharam Mukkavilli abstract pdf

Are you representin'? Instructor identity in online courses

  Lynn Kirkland Harvey abstract pdf

RuleML-based ontology for interoperability between learning
objects and learners

  Yevgen Biletskiy, Harold Boley & Luqian Zhu abstract pdf

Online course creation and facilitation: The new classroom

  Denise A. Simard & Heidi L. Schnackenberg abstract pdf

Skeleton curriculum as a tool for facilitating constructivist
learning online

  David A. Ireland abstract pdf

Predictors of academic performance in online and
face-to-face settings

  Rhonda Snow & Kathy Denton abstract pdf

Watching the whale watchers: Leisurely informal learning

  Cathy Bray abstract pdf

Distancing democracy: Organising online teacher training
to promote community values

  J. Ola Lindberg & Anders D. Olofsson abstract pdf


Notes from the Field


Building an online learning community: What does it take to make it work?

  Cathy Gerrard & Hazel Knox abstract pdf